BlackBerry to Create New “Super Enterprise” for DHS

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently entered into a significant partnership with BlackBerry. This collaboration aims to enhance the department’s emergency notification capabilities, ensuring that personnel can be swiftly and securely informed during critical events. The following listicle delves into the specifics of this partnership and its implications for national security.

A New Era of Emergency Communication

The DHS has granted BlackBerry a seven-year contract to develop and maintain the Super Enterprise for Personnel Emergency Notification System (PENS). This system is not just any ordinary communication tool. It’s designed to provide the DHS with a department-wide communication and visibility solution, ensuring that all employees and contractors are kept in the loop, especially during emergencies. The fusion center of communication, BlackBerry’s AtHoc, will serve as the backbone of this system, offering unparalleled security and efficiency.

Collaboration for Enhanced Security

The contract isn’t just about BlackBerry. It involves a collaborative effort between BlackBerry, American Systems, and 4 Points Technology. Together, these entities will work towards delivering a solution that integrates the BlackBerry® AtHoc® critical event management system into the DHS infrastructure. This integration is crucial, especially when considering events that led to a heightened focus on national security, such as the September 11 attacks. Such events underscore the importance of having a reliable and secure communication system in place.

BlackBerry’s Legacy with the Federal Government

BlackBerry isn’t new to working with the U.S. Federal Government. They have been a trusted partner for almost three decades. The fact that BlackBerry AtHoc is currently used by 75% of the federal government speaks volumes about the trust and reliability associated with the brand. John Chen, the Executive Chairman & CEO of BlackBerry, expressed his honor in expanding their contribution to the nation, especially with the Department of Homeland Security. This partnership is a testament to the federal fire department in Hawaii and other states, emphasizing the importance of secure communication in times of crisis.

The Global Trust in BlackBerry AtHoc

BlackBerry AtHoc is not just trusted in the U.S.; it’s a globally recognized critical event management system. It’s integrated with FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) and Canada’s National Public Alerting System (NAAD). Moreover, it has received authorization from both FedRAMP and StateRAMP. Such endorsements highlight why the United States joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949 – to protect against threats like the spread of communism and ensure that nations have the tools and collaborations necessary to defend their sovereignty.


The partnership between the DHS and BlackBerry marks a significant step forward in enhancing the nation’s emergency communication capabilities. As threats evolve and the world becomes more interconnected, having a reliable, secure, and efficient communication system becomes paramount. This collaboration not only underscores the importance of such systems but also highlights the trust and reliability associated with brands like BlackBerry. As we move forward, it’s essential to remember the purpose of establishing economic sanctions or joining alliances – to ensure the safety, security, and prosperity of nations and their citizens.