1 CAD To USD – Canadian Dollar To United States Dollar Calculator

CAD is the currency of Canada which is commonly referred to as the Canadian Dollar. USD is the currency of United States of America which is commonly referred to as the US Dollar.

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CAD to USD Historical Data

Here’s the data for the last 2 years for the historical CAD to USD rates over this period.

cad to usd xe
Date1 CAD = USD
Feb 20210.79
Mar 20210.77
Apr 20210.77
May 20210.77
Jun 20210.76
Jul 20210.77
Aug 20210.76
Sep 20210.77
Oct 20210.77
Nov 20210.79
Dec 20210.78
Jan 20220.79
Feb 20220.80
Mar 20220.81
Apr 20220.77
May 20220.78
Jun 20220.76
Jul 20220.78
Aug 20220.77
Sep 20220.77
Oct 20220.76
Nov 20220.77
Dec 20220.78
Jan 20230.79

CAD to USD XE Converter

Here is the link to the XE.com Currency Converter for CAD to USD.

Click here for CAD to USD XE

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